Electricity Batteries

The ‘START AND STOP’ range for vehicles with micro-hybrid technology.

The AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) battery is an improvement on lead technology, using an absorbent glass microfibre mesh to retain electrolyte.

This battery is designed for Start and Stop vehicles that recover energy on braking and other systems that are power-hungry when stopped (BMW Efficient Dynamics, VW Blue Motion, PSA Stop & Start, etc.)

Three of four times greater cyclic stability than a conventional battery. Its greater charge capacity means it can store the extra energy recovered during braking.

The Technik’a ‘START AND STOP’ battery tolerates deeper discharge without compromising on functionality.

The Enhanced Flooded Battery (EFB) is designed for Start and Stop vehicles that are not too power-hungry when stopped (Fiat 500, Toyota Yaris S&S, Ford ECOnetic, etc.).

These batteries offer twice the cyclic stability of a conventional battery and tolerate deeper discharge without compromising on functionality. They also have greater charging capacity to store energy, ensure faster energy recovery when driving and have a longer service life.

Completely maintenance-free


The ‘EXCELLENCE’ calcium/calcium range meet the highest power requirements in all traffic conditions and reliably guarantee optimal starting power.

  • Longer life thanks to very low self-discharge.
  • Fully sealed battery with a labyrinth system for gas recovery.
  • Higher cold cranking power.
  • Extremely low electrolyte consumption.
  • Double charge hold time.

The ‘PERFORMANCE’ calcium/calcium range for light passenger vehicles offers quality batteries at a particularly attractive price. They are the ideal solution to match the vehicle’s age. They are well suited to small engines, older vehicles and low power requirements. Safe and reliable performance. Kamina anti-leak cover equipped with device to protect the battery against potential flame flashback.

The ‘EXCELLENCE’ HGV (100Ah>) range offers increased cycle resistance and is especially resistant to vibrations and high temperatures. Comes with a Kamina cover with central exhaust channel. Recommended for HGVs with intensive national/international use.

The ‘PERFORMANCE’ HGV range (100Ah>)

This battery range meets the requirements of routine regional work, with intensive use over extended periods. It has a flat cover and M27 vent caps.

Our battery range covers 98.6% of vehicles on the road with more than 60 SKUs available.