Cleaning Valeting and renovation

Formulated to clean all types of vehicle, the Technik’a valeting range comprises all the products you need to keep the outside of your vehicle clean. From multi-purpose shampoo to autodry wash, and including wheel rim and engine cleaners, all of our products have been designed to adapt and care for every body type.

All these products come in 5L, 30L and 210L containers and in a 750ml spray format.

Our range:

  • multi-purpose shampoo: 5L – 30L – 210L
  • wheel cleaner:750ml – 5L – 30L
  • engine cleaner: 750ml – 5L – 30L
  • multi-purpose cleaner: 750Ml – 5L – 30L
  • plastic restorer: 500ml
  • glass cleaner: 500ml
  • autodry wash: 30L
  • floor cleaner: 30L
  • odour eliminator: 750ml
  • shampoo, polish & wax 1L
  • super active degreasing shampoo 30L